SQUADRA OMEGA "Le  nozze chimiche" 10"

SQUADRA OMEGA "Le nozze chimiche" 10"

Macina Dischi

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"Le Nozze Chimiche" is the new release by Squadra Omega on MacinaDischi, featuring 4 new tracks stuffed with krautrock, free-jazz, country, psychedelia, garage, joint and well blended with the distintctive sound that Squadra Omega are capable to give to their records.

"Le Nozze Chimiche" shifts you to another dimension, lives of an unstoppable advance, is a gaze that from the past takes shape and substance. Squadra Omega is a project the teams up members of: The Mojomatics, With Love, John Woo, L'amico Di Martucci, Be Invisible Now, Apoteosi Del Mistero.
The release is a white 10" vinyl + cd, with a 10/10 mm thick slab in anodized aluminum as cover, dust printed and with the title and series number handbossed.
For the Aluminium Series series of 500 pieces were employed 117kg of anodized aluminum, in shiny antistatic 37 g PVC sleeves, 700 meters of adhesive tape, and for first press 600 numbers and 2400 letters were bossed by hand.
For the second press of 203, 1421 numbers and 2436 letters were bossed by hand.
For the thirdt press of 100, 700 numbers and 1200 letters were bossed by hand.
* December 2014 / january 2015. For the fourth press (MD05-b) of 300 pieces were employed 72kg of aluminium 2 colour silkscreened (grey and black).
Entirely recorded & mastered by OmegaMatt Bordin and mixed by Omega- Matt & OmegaG8 at Outside Inside Studio in Montebelluna (TV).

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