JOHNNY MOX "Obstinate Sermons" TAPE

JOHNNY MOX "Obstinate Sermons" TAPE

Macina Dischi

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Produced, recorded & mixed by Andrea Sologni at Igloo Audio Factory, Correggio
Mastered by Andrea Suriani at Alpha Dept Studios, Bologna
All songs written and played by Johnny Mox
Cover Picture - Speaker at a Pentecostal revival: Tallahassee, Florida (Courtesy of State Archives of Florida)
Artwork: Solomacello
Mox Pictures - Be Negative, Giulia Pedrotti
Voice, guitars, choirs, beatbox, drums, synth - Johnny Mox
Bass, Korg MS20 - Andrea Sologni
Sitar in King Malik - Alessandro De Zan (In Zaire, Orfanado)
Additional guitars - Mirko Marconi
Guitar loop in Endless Scrolling - Carson Mc Whirter
Vernice Rossa was written by Caso.
The Moxters of the Universe: Laura Campana, Federico Dionisi, Nicola Fontana, Lorenzo Longhi, Mirko Marconi, Sebastiano Martinelli, Michael Pancher

this record is dedicated to Giona

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